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Home > Computer Hardware > Video Card > Gigabyte > GV-N470OC-13I Geforce GTX 470

Gigabyte Graphics Adapter Geforce GTX 470 GV-N470OC-13I

Gigabyte Graphics Adapter Geforce GTX 470 GV-N470OC-13I    
ATI Video Card Graphic Adapter Accelarator Gigabyte Video Card Geforce GTX 470 GV-N470OC-13I    

• GeForce GTX 400 Series, GeForce GTX 470 chipset

• PCI Express 2.0 graphics interface

• GDDR5 video memory 512mb 3348 MHz (2GB version available)

• 630 MHz for GPU processing

• DirectX 11 GPU with full Shader Model 4.0 support

• High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)

• Nvidia® CUDA™ technology accelerates performance hungry applications

• PhysX Technology and OpenGL 3.2 Optimizations


* Note: The product specification and pictures are subject to change without notice

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