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Home > Computer Hardware > DVD > LiteOn 8X Blu-ray Combo DVD-RW

LiteOn 8X Blu-ray Combo DVD-RW SATA

LiteOn 8X Blu-ray Combo DVD-RW
DVD ROM Optical Drives and DVD Writers Blue Ray RW LiteOn 8X Blu-ray Combo DVD-RW SATA

Lite-On introduces the 8X internal Blu-ray Disc Combo, iHES208. The new Blu-ray Disc Reader plus DVD writer provides consumers an innovative way to playback high definition content, while maintaining the capability of archiving personal data files onto CD or DVD. The iHES208 provides movie enthusiasts with an affordable alternate solution to complete their media center. With the iHES208 BD Combo, you can experience exceptional picture and sound quality, and also provide the ability to share with family & friends personal creations of data files, presentations, home videos and other image files on DVDs or CDs. The iHES208 is equipped with LightScribe technology which allows users to silkscreen any type of artwork right onto the surface of the LightScribe-supported CD or DVD. Without printers, messy markers or adhesive labels, LightScribe provides a clean, professional look that adds the final touch to your perfect creation.


‧  Playback high definition Blu-ray movies, up to 6 times better picture resolution than DVD

‧  Support 8X BD-ROM reading

‧  BD, DVD, & CD playback for a complete home entertainment media center

‧  Support all CD, DVD writing including DVD-RAM

‧  SATA interface for better performance & compatibility

* Note: The product specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.

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