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Home > Computer Component > Networking > Print Servers > Linksys EFSP42 Etherfast

Linksys EFSP42 Etherfast Print Server

Linksys EFSP42 Etherfast Print Server

Linksys EFSP42 Etherfast Print Server Linksys EFSP42 Etherfast Print Server


The EFSP42 is perfect for adhoc network jobs giving your network the flexibility to meet your printing and networking needs. For a large department with a hotspots of network and printer use a couple of EFSP42's for the parallel port printers and a few PSUS4's for those printers requiring a usb print server is a cost effective and low impact solution. The EFSP42 also comes with 512kb of internal memory for its own use, including future firmware upgrades. For Print Server Driver and Firmware information please visit our handy print server resources and guides from the links on the right.


‧ Printer Ports : 2 Bidirectional Parallel Ports

‧ Network Ports : 4 * 10/100 + Full Duplex

‧ Operating Systems Supported: Windows

‧ Printer Memory Buffer : 256kb

‧ Printer RAM : 512kb


* Note: The product specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.

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