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Computer Networking Devices Network HardwareComputer networking devices are units that mediate data in a computer network. Computer networking devices are also called network equipment, Intermediate Systems or InterWorking Unit. Major networking devices include Ethernet adapters, routers, hubs and switches, as well as printer servers. In the recent years, wireless networking equipments has been dominating the market.

The following classifies the most commonly used networking devices and network hardware. Click icons to view popular networking products that were popular in year 2011. If you are a dealer or distributor that deals with network devices and networking hardware and wish to promote you networking products here, please contact admin @ As an effective advertisement, we may link a particular product directly to your website.


Networking devices internet router

Network hardware Ehternet Card Network Adapter

Networking Devices Network Hardware Networking Device Internet Router

Routers Are networking devices used to extend or segment networks by forwarding packets from one logical network to another. Routers are most often used in large internetworks that use the TCP/IP protocol suite and for connecting TCP/IP hosts and local area networks (LANs) to the Internet using dedicated leased lines.

Networking Devices Network Hardware Ethernet Adapter Network Card

Network Interface Card, or NIC is a hardware card installed in a computer so it can communicate on a network. The network adapter provides one or more ports for the network cable to connect to, and it transmits and receives data onto the network cable.


Wireless networking wireless ethernet card wireless router

networking devices hubs and switches

Networking Devices Network Hardware Wireless Networking Hardware

Wireless network hardware refers to any type of devices for setting up computer network that uses wireless, usually but not always radio waves, for network connections. Wireless Networking hardware includes wireless ethernet adapter for PC or notebook, wireless router, wireless access point, wireless gateways. Wireless networking has been gradually replacing cabled network setups for home and business alike. This also makes network installation easy and convenient.

Networking Devices Network Hardware Networking Hub and Switch

Switches are a special type of hub that offers an additional layer of intelligence to basic, physical-layer repeater hubs. A switch must be able to read the MAC address of each frame it receives. This information allows switches to repeat incoming data frames only to the computer or computers to which a frame is addressed. This speeds up the network and reduces congestion.


Network print server

USB hubs USB ports expansion

Networking Devices Network Hardware Network Devices Print Server Networking Devices Network Hardware USB Hubs  
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