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Home > Computer Component > Networking Devices > Router > Trendnet Gigabit Router 4 Port

DSL Cable Modem Routers Trendnet Gigabit Broadband Router TWG-BRF114

DSL Routers Cable Modem Routers Trendnet Gigabite Broadband Router

DSL Router Cable Modem Router Trendnet Gigabite Broadband Routers Trendnet 4-Port Gigabit Router TWG-BRF114


‧ The 4-Port Gigabit Firewall Router, TWG-BRF114, by Trendnet allows multiple users to share Internet access at gigabit speeds while providing a secure configurable firewall environment to protect from unwanted intruders.

‧ TWG-BRF114 broadband router can be setup in minutes with intuitive installation wizard. With this high speed internet router, you can manage your network from any Internet connection. This user friendly broadband router allows anyone to administer the user access and to restrict internet access based on client IP addresses, URL keywords, and service types.

‧ TWG-BRF114 router incorporates advanced NAT and SPI firewall technology to protect against popular denial of service attacks. Remotely access your firewall and enjoy gigabit speeds while knowing your network resources are fully protected.

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