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Memory Upgrade Laptop Ram Memory Notebook Computer SODIMM DDR

Memory Upgrade Laptop Ram Memory Notebook Computer SODIMM DDR

Laptop Ram memory, or notebook memory, is a special type of computer memory particularly designed for notebook computers. Laptop memory modules are shorter than desktop memory sticks and also has different number of pins. In general, soon after a generation of desktop ram memory is released to the market, a similar version of laptop ram or notebook memory also becomes available. Notebook computer memory is often being called SODIMM ram.

In the old age, different brands of laptop computers could use different types of notebook memory, making generic or oem laptop memory upgrade very difficult. Since DDR SODIMM Ram emerged fewer years ago, the format of notebook memory and laptop ram started to be unified. Laptop computer users no longer have to go back to the original notebook manufacturers to upgrade their Ram memory. Notebook memory modules that are now commonly seen in the market are DDR SODIMM Ram and SODIMM DDR 2, although older versions of laptop ram such as PC133 SODIMM are still available from many sources. Current common sizes of notebook SODIMM DDR memory include 512mb and 1gb. 

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