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IDE Hard Disk Internal Western Digital ATA Hard Drive HDD

IDE hard disk drive Western Digital ATA HDD

IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics. In a later time, name "ATA hard drive" was used for newer version of IDE  hard disk drives. The original IDE name reflected the innovative integration of HDD disk controller with hard disk drive itself, which was not found in the earlier storage disks. Moving the HDD disk controller from the interface card to the hard disk drive itself helped to standardize interfaces, and to reduce the cost and complexity. IDE hard disk drives were widely used in desktop and notebook PC for long time until the serial ATA hard disk interface was introduced several years ago. Although all new PC systems use SATA hard disks, IDE ATA hard drives are still available for upgrading older computers.

One of popular IDE HDD brands is Western Digital which ha for long time enjoyed reputations of high performance, low noise, great compatibility and best warranty in the industry.

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Western Digital 160GB JB IDE Hard Disk Drive 8mb Cache 7200RPM

Western Digital 250GB JB IDE Hard Disk Drive 8mb Cache 7200RPM


IDE Hard Disk Drive Western Digital ATA HDD West Digital 160GB JB 8mb Cache

IDE Hard Disk Drive Western Digital ATA HDD West Digital 250GB JB 8mb Cache  
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