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DVD Writers DVD Burners


DVD writers are also named DVD burners and DVD writers. In the beginning of DVD history, DVD recorders supported one of those three formats or standards: DVD-RAM, DVD-RW using DVD-VR, and DVD+RW using DVD+VR.  None of those DVD formats were directly compatible. As a general rule in the industry, however, almost all current DVD writers support both the + and - standards, while few support the DVD-RAM standard that is not directly compatible with standard DVD readers.

DVD writer's recording speed is generally denoted in values of X, similar to marking CD-ROM specifications, where 1X in DVD usage is equal to 1.321 MB/s, equivalent to a 9X CD-ROM.

Liteon 20x DVD Writer Burner Rewritable RW  

Liteon 20x DVD Writer RW IDE Interface

DVD writer DVD burner Liteon 22x DVD Writer RW STAT  

DVD writer DVD burner Liteon 20x DVD Writer RW IDE



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