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PC Compact Flash Memory Card Reader Writer Smart Card Readers


Card Reader PC Compact Flash Memory Card Reader Writer Smart Card Reader Compactflash Readers

A memory card reader is a electronic device accessing the data on a memory card such as a CompactFlash (CF), Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMediaCard (MMC). The card reader typically has a USB interface. Most card readers also possess write capability, so they are more precisely flash memory called card reader writer. Card readers have many nicknames such as flash memory card reader, flash card reader, compact flash card readers, compactflash reader and so on. All pretty much point to the same item.

Being classified by physical nature, there are two types of flash memory card readers writers for personal computers. The one internally installed in one 3.5" drive bay is internal smart card reader, while the other is externally connected to an USB port. The external card reader can be conveniently used with different computer systems. There are many types of flash memory cards, working with different devices such as digital cameras. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, different flash memory cards have different geometries and pin settings. XD memory card and SD flash card are just two examples. So a good flash memory card reader writer must support multiple flash memory formats. That is why all flash card readers seen in the market come with a number of slots in the front. The newest card readers support as many as 15 different flash memory card formats, which is called 15-in-1 flash card reader. Nevertheless, certain flash memory formats require adapters in order to work with common card readers.

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Card Reader PC Compact Flash Memory Card Reader Writer Internal Compactflash Readers

Apacer Flash Memory Card Reader Writer External USB

Card Reader PC Compact Flash Memory Card Reader Writer Card Reader Flash Memory Writer Internal

Card Reader PC Compact Flash Memory Card Reader Writer Compact Flash Card Reader Writer External

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