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Computer is now part of human's daily life. It is hard to image how a person can survive without a computer connecting to INTERNET. People now use computers to read, to entertain, to share information, to watch movie, to communicate, to make money, to play games, to trade stocks and even to complain to abreact through social media such as tweeter and Facebook.  Human being has been relying on computers too much. Kids are addicted to online games, stories and social life through computers. The future of many kids got ruined because of existence of the computers and of course, the internet which pushed personal computers to a whole new level. Computer created problems for adults too. Many families were broken up as a direct result of computer or internet addiction by either husband or wife.

So is the computer good or bad for our society? Who knows. The computer did help the society to progress by improving efficiency and providing conveniences. However, the computer also created a series of social problems. That many people had to lose their jobs is one example.

You may buy a computer or build it yourself. Buying is the easiest way to own a functioning computer. But building your own is by far more fun and cost effective. Building a computer was pretty challenging couple decades ago but nowadays is no more complicated than assembling a bike. Thanks to "Plug N' Play" architecture developed in the late ninetieth and became reliable in the recent years. Computers are made up of PC hardware parts or components. All computer parts and computers are available for purchase either online or from local computer stores PC dealers. The advantage of buying computer parts online is low cost. But you have to take risk of getting defective items. Replacing those items could be hassle. Many people rather pay more to just get all parts and components from accredited local computer stores, dealers or distributors.

Performance and value of a computer are measured primarily by CPU speed, storage capacity, display quality and peripheries it came with. In all, it is called spec. Computer specs change fast, really fast. So does its value. You may brag in front of your friends for how fast your computer is today and get very depressed next year when you find out the PC your friend acquired then is twice faster than yours and has three times more hard disk drive space. Computer just can not maintain value. Instead, it depreciates quickly, quicker than any automobile. So it is very unwise to invest in the functions of your computer. You should buy a computer with specifications that meet your needs. The rule applies to buying PC hardware parts and components to build your own computers.

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